A. Rothuis

Sometimes, operations need to be run upon booting a Docker container,for instance when creating, configuring or pre-seeding a database. In this post, we will see how to run CQL when starting a Scylla Docker container.

In line with the Agile manifesto, working software is to be favored over comprehensive documentation. Even though keeping an up-to-date documentation can cost a lot of time and effort, this does not mean it should be disregarded entirely. In fact, it is possible to embed documentation in the agile development process, while working towards a shared understanding and common language of the business domain.

Principles of Behaviour Driven Development and Specification By Example can help in maintaining an ever-evolving body of (executable) documentation for the application. Let’s explore these ideas by writing user stories and setting up end-to-end tests for a live web application using Cucumber, nightmare and chai.